Daniel Green is resigning as Manager and Business Advisor for PGiEN

After 4 years with PGiEN and almost 10 years with PowerGamer, Daniel is now resigning as Manager and Business Advisor.

“I’ve been with the original company for almost 10 years, where i’ve seen it grow at an exhilarating rate. It’s been hard work but also a lot of fun. Some of our latter investments haven’t gone as planed, but overall, the company is in better shape than ever before. That’s why i now feel it’s safe to go and try something new, and i’m confident that our very competent team that we have put together now will take the company to the next level.” – Says; Daniel Green former Manager and Business Advisor for PGiEN Ltd.

We would like to thank Daniel for everything he has done for the company throughout the years. He has single-handedly built up both our sale and marketing departments. With very good results on top of that. But that isn’t all, he has also been the driving force in developing our brands and almost all our media products. Without Daniel there wouldn’t be a company. So, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you find as much joy as you have had with us with your new assignment.

PowerGamer Prime

This autumn we are going to roll out PowerGamer Prime, a brand new video channel for those who want more than the usual quick look and/or game trailers. This channel will of course be totally free of charge for our members, but in contrary to our other channels we will be serving ads in these videos. So, what videos could you expect to find on PowerGamer Prime then? Well, without disclosing too much here, we can tease that we will have let’s plays, behind the scenes and legacy videos. But that’s certainly not all, you’ll find so much more than on our ordinary channels and we are pretty sure that you will love what we’ve got planned for you.

More information coming soon, so stay tuned.

PowerGamer.se looking for talented Editors

Brand: PowerGamer.se

Type: Freelance

Location: Sweden

About PGiEN
PowerGamer Interactive Entertainment Network is home to some very exciting entertainment brands. For the moment our two main sites are available in two different languages (Swedish & German) coupled with a large portion of content being produced in english. We’re always looking for new ways to expand our web properties by adding new and interesting people to our team.

Job Description 

We are looking for Editors to be a part of PowerGamer.se’s editorial team on both written and video content. We want you to bring your opinions and your personality to help us produce compelling content around new and upcoming video games. You should be able to write informative and entertaining coverage of video games and later be able to use social media as a tool to reach a large audience.

You should be able to express yourself both through the written word and/or through video. Of course a broad knowledge of video games is a must. But with that said, you don’t need to be knowledgeable in ”every” video game on the market. This is a position that may require both national and international travels to cover games and events throughout the globe, and is therefore an expected part of your job duties. (All travels are of course fully paid by PGiEN and/or by our business partners.)


– Produce, write and record creative and original content, or content pieces that engage audiences.
– Be able to keep tight deadlines.
– Contribute content ideas in meetings.
– Keep yourself updated in the games industry.
– Monitor and tweak market performance.
– Identify opportunities such as new markets and audiences.


– Demonstrable experience of video game-related writing and on-camera work.
– Good working knowledge of different gameplay genres and game series.
– High standards when it comes to finished content.
– Strong content marketing skills.
– Some video content development preferred.
– And most important of all, a passion for video games.

This is an unpaid position perfect for those who want to get more work experience in the video games industry, with a chance to work on our full-time team.

Apply now at: careers@pgien.com
(We accept applications both in English and Swedish)

Welcome to PowerGamer Interactive Entertainment Network

“So, let’s start a new media company and go crashing head first into the unknown. That’s pretty much what happened when we first bought PowerGamer.se just before summer 2013. And now here we are one year later with a brand new media company almost ready to launch and to compete on the International market. But well, the truth is that we actually have a pretty good clue about what we are doing here, since we’ve been running one of Scandinavians largest video game website for almost a decade now. As a matter a fact some of our team members have been in this industry since the late 90’s and have done pretty well for themselves.”

PowerGamer.se and PowerGamer.ch are our two main brands that togheter form PGiEN, or PowerGamer Interactive Entertainment Network. But we also have a new brand called Findjobs.se, but more on that one in the future.

Our main focus here has never been anything else than producing a lot of good quality and entertaining video content for an video game interested audience, and our 50.000+ unique viewers will surely agree. We first understood that this actually could be a serious business back in 2011 when we for the first time hit that magic mark of 1.000.000 page views in just one month. That was really big for us and as we recall this was also during our very first 4-day 24/7 LIVE stream from the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Since then we have streamlined our business model and also our clientele (audience) a bit, so we don’t get such traffic spikes any longer. Well, that’s not completely true, since we still reach those numbers from time to time. But it’s in a more orderly fashion.

So, what does PGiEN  actually mean for our regular viewers. Well, not so much except the fact that you will start noticing much higher production value on the shows that we publish. PGiEN is more of a leverage tool for us to make it international as we in conjuncture with the launch of this company and this website also launches PowerGamer.ch, which basically is PowerGamer.se but in German, and that’s a whole new market, a BIG BIG market which we will force ourselves into. Bit by Bit (Ah! Did you see what we did there?). What we are talking about here is maybe 0.5-2.0% of that specific market. But those significant percent will in “actual numbers” make us grow an insane amount.

Do you pick those numbers out of thin air you might wonder? NO, definitely not. We’ve spent years researching this and made elaborate analysis of the different markets to find enough information and the know how, to were we could fit in. With that said we will not go any further into our business plan here.

With what we have right now we have certain projections on how the outcome of all this will be within the next three years, but do we stop there? No, HELL NO! We have a skew of new brands that we will try to launch 12-18 months apart starting next year and keep rolling out new brands until 2018 when we will stop, take a step back and analyze our own business, the market and how the audiences keep shifting. We will keep the structure of the company very flat so we quickly can move to new markets and new potential customers without dragging around too much upkeep. For example; if we see one brand that is not doing as well as another, we will immediately shift our focus and resources towards something that actually works and generate revenue.

We could fill this first post with a lot of business mumbo jumbo, for sure. We could. But we won’t, because that’s not what we are about. Our main focus is – again – creating entertaining video content for our viewers. If you want to know more about our very interesting and extremely fresh business model you could hop on in to the investors-tab in the menu and follow the instructions there, and maybe we get back to you with more information about the company if we see it fit.

The main reason of this specific post is just to say “hello world!” and to make PGiEN official. If you still, after all this ramble, are seriously interested in what we do and our brands, we suggest that you keep track of this site for more news updates in the future.

Daniel Green
Partner & Business Advisor